PRM 011 - Practical Shooters of Canada

This weeks episode is brought to you by Bison Tactical

This week I talk with Ryan and Kris with the Practical Shooters of Canada about the first ever Canadian PRS event! This sounds like its going to be a great shoot at a great range that has some neat stuff going on that you don't normally see in most U.S. matches!

Check out their Facebook for more info!

they are also listed on the PRS website!

PRM 009 - Todd Hodnett

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical!

This week Todd Hodnett talks about everything from spin drift to glass quality to cross wind jump! just a ton of knowledge in this show and I cant thank Todd enough for taking some time to come on and talk!

Check out Accuracy 1st for more info on Todd!


Time to upgrade some equipment here at Precision Rifle Media. I'm looking to get a new MacBook to help with production quality and to speed up editing and posting! The show is totally free but I would really appreciate it if you had an extra couple bucks to help the show out! Even just $.25 a show is $13 a year and would really help us out!!

PRM 004 - Bryan Litz

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Support our sponsors!

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical!!

This week we talk to Bryan Litz about his Applied Ballistic Seminars coming up in Texas, Michigan, and North Carolina! More info on that here!

We also discuss barrel twist rates, ballistic coefficients, and ballistic calculators!

In this interview we also discuss the U.S. Rifle team and how they're getting involved in some one mile shooting and Lethal Precision Arms, the company that built Bryan's Tactical rifle! 

Bryan also lets us in on an awesome discount for the Applied Ballistics Seminars by using discount code castprm100 to get $100 off at the checkout when purchasing your slot!

For you extended long range big bore guys we hit on some stuff you might be interested in when talking about the one mile shoots!

PRM 003 - Jim See with Elite Accuracy

This week we talk with Jim See about his new company Elite Accuracy! Jim has been building rifles and competing in the PRS for years now and comes on to share some his experience. From working at Surgeon to starting up Elite Accuracy and being a top PRS competitor Jim is a wealth of knowledge! We discuss shooting in the wind and shooting off barricades, Jims new training, diagnosing the accuracy of your rifle, how to clean and care for a match rifle, and getting involved with local long range clubs!

PRM 002 - Ryan Castle Interview

This week we talk with Ryan Castle about Core Shooting Solutions, precision rifle training, competing in the PRS and just some other goofing around! I think this was a great episode if you have been thinking about attending a training class or a match of any size from a PRS match to a local small town match. be sure to check out Core shootings website for more information on classes!

Thanks for checking out the show notes! If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email from the contact us page! and don't forget to check out some of the links posted above!