PRM 004 - Bryan Litz

Support our sponsors!

Support our sponsors!

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical!!

This week we talk to Bryan Litz about his Applied Ballistic Seminars coming up in Texas, Michigan, and North Carolina! More info on that here!

We also discuss barrel twist rates, ballistic coefficients, and ballistic calculators!

In this interview we also discuss the U.S. Rifle team and how they're getting involved in some one mile shooting and Lethal Precision Arms, the company that built Bryan's Tactical rifle! 

Bryan also lets us in on an awesome discount for the Applied Ballistics Seminars by using discount code castprm100 to get $100 off at the checkout when purchasing your slot!

For you extended long range big bore guys we hit on some stuff you might be interested in when talking about the one mile shoots!