PRM 050 - PRS Australia with The Precision Shooting Podcast

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This week Rusty and Greg come on the show from down under to talk about the Australian PRS! Its very exciting to see the sport growing and showing up in other parts of the world! and these guys rock!

Check out their website and podcast by clicking on their logo below and add another precision shooting podcast to your week!


Thanks for coming on guys!

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PRM 026 - Sniper Adventure Challenge

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical

This week Fred, Marcus Hom, TomFuller, and Dave Steinbach come on to talk about competing and placing well in the Competition Dynamics Sniper Adventure Challenge. This is no small feat as these guys literally walk their feet of and battle dehydration and sleep deprivation to complete this crazy competition!


Big thanks to Marcus Hom for helping the show and representing us at these matches!

PRM 025 - Patriot Valley Arms 2

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This weeks show is a carryover that Josh and I did 2 nights after the first recording because it was getting late the first night and Josh wanted to keep going. With the information that Josh was giving how could I say no so here is another hour and a half of great content! Don't forget to check out Patriot Valley Arms website and give their Facebook a like!

PRM 012 - X Caliber Barrels & MFG

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This week Dustin Berg with X-Caliber barrels comes on to discuss their new heat sync barrel fluting and some of their process! I have been shooting X-Caliber Barrels for a round 2 years now and am a big fan of their work. 

X-Caliber Barrels Thermal Fluting on an AR barrel 

X-Caliber Barrels Thermal Fluting on an AR barrel 

Some of the regular fluting they do

Some of the regular fluting they do

Check out their website for pricing and to see what else X-Caliber can do!

First 5 shot group with Berger 140 hybrids in one hole. the low right hit was the last 140 target vld.

First 5 shot group with Berger 140 hybrids in one hole. the low right hit was the last 140 target vld.


This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical!

This week Garrett and Kirk go over their experience at the South Dakota Steel Challenge, a PRS event held in central South Dakota. The match was a blast and we can't wait for next year to do it again!

To the right here is squad 1. the squad that Kirk was in. Great group of guys!






On the left here is Garrett and the match directors Michael Kane and  Cody Kinsley these two did an awesome job running things smooth!








PRM 004 - Bryan Litz

Support our sponsors!

Support our sponsors!

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical!!

This week we talk to Bryan Litz about his Applied Ballistic Seminars coming up in Texas, Michigan, and North Carolina! More info on that here!

We also discuss barrel twist rates, ballistic coefficients, and ballistic calculators!

In this interview we also discuss the U.S. Rifle team and how they're getting involved in some one mile shooting and Lethal Precision Arms, the company that built Bryan's Tactical rifle! 

Bryan also lets us in on an awesome discount for the Applied Ballistics Seminars by using discount code castprm100 to get $100 off at the checkout when purchasing your slot!

For you extended long range big bore guys we hit on some stuff you might be interested in when talking about the one mile shoots!

PRM 003 - Jim See with Elite Accuracy

This week we talk with Jim See about his new company Elite Accuracy! Jim has been building rifles and competing in the PRS for years now and comes on to share some his experience. From working at Surgeon to starting up Elite Accuracy and being a top PRS competitor Jim is a wealth of knowledge! We discuss shooting in the wind and shooting off barricades, Jims new training, diagnosing the accuracy of your rifle, how to clean and care for a match rifle, and getting involved with local long range clubs!