PRM 054 - Micro Show Update

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This week is a short show as Kirk is busy getting ready for the King of 2 mile shoot in New Mexico! Stay tuned to the facebook and the website as well as the podcast for all the updates on the shooting this coming week! 

A  HUGE thanks goes out to everyone that helped make this happen!

Beards And Bullets!

Johnston Precision!


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PRM 009 - Todd Hodnett

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical!

This week Todd Hodnett talks about everything from spin drift to glass quality to cross wind jump! just a ton of knowledge in this show and I cant thank Todd enough for taking some time to come on and talk!

Check out Accuracy 1st for more info on Todd!


Time to upgrade some equipment here at Precision Rifle Media. I'm looking to get a new MacBook to help with production quality and to speed up editing and posting! The show is totally free but I would really appreciate it if you had an extra couple bucks to help the show out! Even just $.25 a show is $13 a year and would really help us out!!

PRM 007 - David Tubb

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical!

This week we talk with David Tubb about a lot of stuff dealing with long range accuracy and some of the products that he sells to help make your rifle more accurate weather it's a precision bolt rifle or an accurate gas gun he has performance parts to help make it work smoother and more accurate!

Check out David's website for more info on him and to check out his online store.