PRM 064 - Copper Creek Ammunition with Josh

You're listening to Precision Rifle Media brought to you by Bison Tactical. Located in Boulder Colorado, Bison Tactical has all your top-of-the-line precision shooting equipment from Laser Range Finders to suppressors, and tripods to reloading equipment, Bison Tactical has what you need to increase your long range shooting performance all under one roof! Bison tactical has also started carrying Accuracy International, Desert Tech SRS-A1s, and Hard target interdiction rifles along with a variety of drop in replacement barrels for the Ruger Precision Rifle. Use promo code PRM17 for 5% off your next order! That’s Durable, Reliable and Precise.

This week Josh Lapin comes on to discuss precision hand loading and his company Copper Creek Cartridge Co. Josh is a great guy and has a ton of knowledge when it comes to reloading and making accurate ammunition! these guys will also load ammunition for basically any cartridge so if you want to shoot something that doesn't have factory ammo available but don't have time to reload these guys are the hot ticket to accurate ammunition for oddball calibers! 

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PRM 028 - Marcus Blanchard with Sidewinder Industries

This week were brought to you by Bison Tactical

This week Marcus Blanchard comes on the show to to discuss his products such as the Sidewinder and the Python. Along with talking about his book that just hit the shelves of amazon! You can find the book at this affiliate link and if you purchase through the link the show will get a little kickback as well!

Marcus is a great shooter and his book will help even the most advanced shooters learn a thing or two about getting better at practical/tactical shooting! Check out the video below to watch him shoot the mover stage at the 2015 Snipers Hide Cup!

PRM 022 - Marcus and Jeremy

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical

This week Marcus Hom and Jeremy come on to discuss the Snipers Hide Cup, Tikka rifles, and a little about the Sniper Adventure Challenge. Most of the SAC talk will be in a couple weeks with a couple other competitors. Marcus Hom owns Only Shooters, a gear company specializing in selling complete ready to shoot rifle packages. You can find them at WWW.OnlyShooters.COM.

Center is Steve Lawrence Marcus is on the left.

Center is Steve Lawrence Marcus is on the left.