PRM 071 - Jake Vibbert Winners Mindset Part 1

This week Jake Vibbert comes on and we talk about a lot of very interesting things from him running his business to him winning matches. I called this one Winners Mindset Part one because we go over a lot of how Jake approaches different stages and obstacles during matches and how he trains! But shooting 20 matches per year must help too! This will be the first of several in the miniseries I'm calling Winners Mindset where I will be talking with several very high level shooters about how they train, how they approach stages, and how they select their gear! Jake is a great guy and if you're in need of some steel targets click the picture above to check out the JC steel targets website! 

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PRM 028 - Marcus Blanchard with Sidewinder Industries

This week were brought to you by Bison Tactical

This week Marcus Blanchard comes on the show to to discuss his products such as the Sidewinder and the Python. Along with talking about his book that just hit the shelves of amazon! You can find the book at this affiliate link and if you purchase through the link the show will get a little kickback as well!

Marcus is a great shooter and his book will help even the most advanced shooters learn a thing or two about getting better at practical/tactical shooting! Check out the video below to watch him shoot the mover stage at the 2015 Snipers Hide Cup!