PRM 058 - McMillan Stocks with Kelly McMillan

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This week Kelly McMillan comes on to talk about McMillan Stocks, the King Of Two Mile event, and Taking Stock with Kelly McMillan, a radio show put on by Kelly weekly where he talks guns with the who's who of the shooting industry!

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PRM 010 - Grayboe Stocks with Ryan McMillan

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical!

This week Ryan McMillan talks with us about his new company Grayboe Stocks! When I first saw these stocks it was a friend of mine who is a mutual friend of Ryan told me to check out the website and I thought wow this has all the makings to be something pretty awesome. the McMillan name, the A5 design on their tactical series stock and an awesome price point for a quality fiberglass stock! I can't wait to actually get my hands on one especially after talking to Ryan about them! Right now you can get them through a couple retailers like Gunstox and Red Hawk Rifles and the tactical series starts at $349! Check them out at their website for more info!

A badass Pic from their Facebook!

A badass Pic from their Facebook!

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