PRM 049 - Fred with Bison Tactical

You're listening to Precision Rifle Media brought to you by Bison Tactical. Located in Boulder Colorado, Bison Tactical has all your top-of-the-line precision shooting equipment from Laser Range Finders to suppressors, and tripods to reloading equipment, Bison Tactical has what you need to increase your long range shooting performance all under one roof! Bison tactical has also started carrying Accuracy International, Desert Tech SRS-A1s, and Hard target interdiction rifles along with a variety of drop in replacement barrels for the Ruger Precision Rifle. Use promo code PRM17 for 5% off your next order! That’s Durable, Reliable and Precise.

This week Fred comes on to talk about Bison Tactical and everything he has going on as far as new equipment and the matches he shoots! we also cover air rifles briefly that i think will make a great show in the future!! make sure to check out his website today!

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PRM 023 - Fred with Bison Tactical

This weeks show is brought to you by Bison Tactical

This week Fred comes on to talk about some of the shoots he has been at lately, some of the gear that he sells/uses, and whats up in the future for Bison Tactical! 


Bison Tactical is looking for a witty and funny voicemail message so Fred is doing a giveaway to whoever comes up with the winning message! You can send a typed copy of the message to As a sponsor of this show he is also looking for a similar intro to have professionally recorded by a voice over actor to open the show with and is running a similar contest for that! Both winners will be given their choice of a AICS, AW, or Desert Tech kydex magazine pouch!

An example of the prize for the winners of the contest!

An example of the prize for the winners of the contest!

Fred and his partner Scott also took third in the sniper adventure challenge! Thats pretty impressive and while the show in two weeks from this one releasing is going to be dedicated to the SAC he does touch on it briefly here as well. 

Congrats guys! Thats an accomplishment!

Congrats guys! Thats an accomplishment!

Bison Tactical has been a sponsor of the show since it started and I really appreciate it! Please take a couple minutes to like his Facebook and say thanks for supporting the show! check out his website while you're at it!