PRM 103 - Shot/Magnetospeed w Ryan Hey


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I.  New Magnetospeed products for 2019.
1.  RiflleKuhl
2. T250
3.. U-Pod

4. T1000 upgrades:  target backer and interface app (also for T250)
5. Chronograph upgrades.  V line and Sporter for 2020 and beyond. 

II.  Shot Show 2019

  1. AR Companies pushing into bolt action rifles.
    1. DD  Delta V
    2. LaRue Tactical

  2. AMP and autoloader

  3. Kestrel HUD

  4. VORTEX  new reticles

  5. Wiebad at SHOT!  

  6. GeoBallistics coming by MS booth

  7. Teludyne’s claim…  HAHAHAHAHHA

  8. ARCA, ARCA, ARCA.  

  9. Chassiss there, new stocks here…  McMillian, MDT, MPA, Magpul, etc…  

  1. People want innovation, then bitch about how expensive new things are. 

III. Trend of company entitlement programs for shooters.
              A. effective or not?

B. sending the right message? 

IV.  PRS/NRL 2019 season outlook.  

A. matches and safety

B. New PRS leadership

V. The ARS!!!!

VI.  Closing rant. 

A. Sponsor bashing
B. Shooter entitlement
C. hypocrisy
D. Crap marketing “influencers”
E. The bunnies