Custom AI Bipod Mount


Custom AI Bipod Mount

Manufactured by Sam Burns


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I was at the WPRSC match back in May with my AI AT rifle when Sam approached me and started asking me about bipods.  I assumed it was because I looked OAF in my multicam and Arc’Teryx gear but in reality he was talking to me only because we both shoot AI rifles and he had a bipod mount that would make life much easier for me.  Sam showed me his custom bipod mount and I was hooked.

I bought a mount and it arrived at my house after that batch of mounts was completed, Sam only sells them in batches by the way so get on the list.  I quickly removed the old mount from the chassis which is done by unscrewing the flush cup mounts and punching out the roll pins.  I slid the new mounting block into the chassis, replaced the roll pins and screwed the flush cups back into place.  Sam includes an entire set of detailed installation instructions, just in case you’re like me and better at running an XBox controller than a power tool.

A couple of nice things about the mount:
1) It’s has a 1913 rail system allowing for the use of an QD or Clamp style mount.
2) It moves the bipod forward by an inch or two

I’ve had the mount out to the range a handful of times and every time I’m impressed by the mount.  The extended front section of the rail allows me to get the bipod out in front of rifle providing for more balance.  For barricade shooting I can adjust the Atlas legs to a 45* angle facing rearward and it will give me the entire handguard to use as a balance point for the rifle.

One other thing that I really liked about the mount is that it keeps everything fairly low profiled.  Unlike using the bipod stud, I can easily fit the strap of my Rifles Only bag over the bipod and mount.  This is also a huge advantage when shooting off barricades or even rooftop stages.

All in all the mount is an obvious upgrade to the AI platform over the standard spigot mount.  The fact that I can use any bipod with picatinny adapter makes it worthwhile.  I’d definitely recommend it to the AI owners out there.

Written by Garrett Gee