Armageddon Gear M2010 Rifle Case

Precision Rifle Media Gear Review

Armageddon Gear M2010 Rifle Case

Garrett Gee


I picked this case up because I was looking for something that was lighter than a full on pelican hard case, could organize my vital range gear and rifle, all while still being able to fit in a pelican case should I have to take my gear on a long road trip to PRS events around the Midwest.  After a couple weeks of use and two competitions, including the first annual South Dakota Steel Classic, I have to say it fulfills all of those requirements nicely.   The other huge reason I bought this case was because my AI AT is a non-folder.  In general I’m not a fan of folding stocks (one less thing to go wrong), so I needed something that could fit my AT with a 24” barrel.

 In my research some great drag bags were mentioned from companies like Tac Ops, Eberlestock and even Voodoo tactical.  The problem was, I wasn’t looking for a drag bag.  I don’t plan on stalking my way through a field on the two way range so a drag bag was a little overkill for my needs in my opinion.  I also wanted something that I could attach and remove pouches as needed.  The drag bags didn’t quite fit that bill either.

I ended up stumbling onto the M2010 case from Armageddon Gear.  I own a few other pieces of Armageddon Gear and they have always treated me well on the range so I decided to give it a shot. 

I ordered the case through GA Precision and it arrived rather quickly.  I immediately began setting the case for my needs.  The case comes with two mag pouches, a muzzle protector and three straps to hold the rifle in place within the case.  The interior of the case is lined with PALS webbing for attaching the supplied accessories and any other pouches you’d like to add in whichever configuration you can dream of.  If I have one small gripe about the PALS webbing is that it is a little wider than the standard PALS, I’m guess this was to accommodate the wide rifle velcro straps.  The width allows the accessory pouches to slide around a little bit. 

All in all the M2010 Rifle Case from Armageddon Gear is a great piece of kit for those that need something light for day to day range use while resting easy that their high dollar precision weapon system is well protected. The case has held up extremely well and based on the quality of the materials used and the stitch work I have no reason to expect anything else going forward. The best part of all is that the case is entirely made in the USA, a feature I am willing to pay a premium for these days.